Biopsy results

I arrived at the hospital in plenty of time and took a seat in the waiting area. I anxiously looked up every time the door opened and eventually my name was called. As I entered the consultants room I realised that I was easily memorable with my very red hair (hey I needed some colour in my life!) and waited. My consultant and a trainee doctor entered the room and the consultant and I had the usual banter about me being in IT and him using long medical words that a ‘natural blonde’ couldn’t understand! At least however we don’t have cancer in our family history and I’m just lumpy bumpy.

The tests confirmed that the lump was a benign fibroadenoma and can be removed with a simple lumpectomy. I once again reminded the consultant that rather than calling it a mastectomy or lumpectomy, both of which sound harsh and painful, we should call the operation a mallowectomy which sounds sort of squishy and much less painful. The intern doctor looked on and slightly shook his head at our joking about something so serious. We talked a little further about the operation and he explained that he would go in with a cut around my nipple to reduce any additional scaring and ensure that any scaring was along a natural line and therefore hard to see. I was releived with this and pleased that he was so not only concerned with the type of lump but also the cosmetics of the operation. It sounds so silly but this was a really huge thing for me, and I believe most ladies, as the first thought I had about my current situation was life without a boob. I love my boobs!!

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