I decide that I’ve got to grow up and take off the dressing. I know that if I left it until tomorrow my consultant would laugh at my pathetic-ness and whip the dressing off in one sweep, probably leaving me ouchy. Millie was out for the day and so had I had a bath and soaked the dressing under a flannel. I then picked at the corners. About and hour and a half later I managed to get the dressing off without passing out! I’m great with other people’s injuries but my own – forget it!! Although I have to confess not only did I feel nauseous having taken it off but the compression plaster was obviously helping me keep it all in place so removing it meant that any movement hurt ten times more! And very very stupid considering we’ve got a drive back to the hospital tomorrow over white lines and speed bumps!

I also got a message from my Doctor’s office asking me to call in for a flu jab and medicine review. It made me giggle as I don’t qualify for a flu jab and am not on any regular medicine so suspect it’s just a way for my Doctor to get me back in and see how it all went! Bless him, now that’s service!

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