Macmillan nurse call

I have been experiencing a sharp stabbing pain in my right breast. It feels a little like a hot poker being stabbed into my breast and pulsing with pain. The pain only lasts for a few minutes however takes my breath away and all I can do is try to breathe through it whilst the tears run down my cheek and I wince with pain. I don’t know what’s causing it ie if the pain relates to the tumour or the reconstruction. I did have shooting pains before surgery but not to this intensity. Today I decided that I really needed to check in with my Macmillan nurse and ask if this is normal. I also wanted to ask about a mastectomy. Are we assuming that the best course of action is to simply do the operation again and then do a mastectomy, if need be – ie to do our utmost to preserve my boob? But if this method might give the tumour a chance to grow further and mean that the outcome may be worse, would it make more sense for me to elect to have a mastectomy at this piont and eliminate earlier the chance of it spreading?

Unfortunately I got the answerphone and left a message for Greta outlining the above. I felt dreadful just leaving a message – what would happen if she didn’t call back as promised within 24 hours? What then? Who can I ask?

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