OMG, it’s tomorrow

So much for prescription sleeping pills.. wide awake nice and early but it’s a gloriously autumnal day so shouldn’t grumble too much.  I just love it when the autumn colours are lit beautifully by sunshine and the air is cold and crisp.

I ‘published’ this site last night and told friends and family of its existence.  I’ve received such wonderful messages of support for the upcoming operation, enormous support for doing this site and acknowledgement about my honesty and openness in the content.  Thank you.  Sadly I’ve also learnt of friends around the world (who like me have been quiet and off the radar for a while) and who have been through or are going through treatment for breast and other cancers.  We’re all amazingly strong people and I’m sending my love and support to them also.  Right, now to work out what to pack for hospital and convalescence.

11.30am – The hospital have just called to say ‘be prompt, they want me to be first on the surgery list’… is that a good thing?  Think the consultant starts ops at 9am, so good thoughts and well vibes then please…

Am now installed at Millies, room looking georgous and comfortable (better than any 5* hotel!) and 12 hours to go until I leave for the hospital.

Will leave you now and update you when I’m back home – Facebookers, I’ll update you there via my mobile.  Gosh though I am soooo lucky to have such great support – if I could cash in all the fantastic messages, and bottle all the good vibes and energy, I would be the richest person alive.  Thank you.  xxx

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