Maybe too soon

Not such a great night’s sleep for no reason as I was feeling so well.  It appears that I have an infection as there is a red, hot patch… blitzing it with drugs and if no better tomorrow, perhaps a visit to get some antibiotics.  Bit sore and uncomfortable today… bugga!

I found another lady searching for information about this special type of tumour and the follow-up treatments available.  She mentioned a report that has been done in Denmark and I’m hoping to get a copy.  Although, as always, this may not be a proper clinical research due to the sample numbers being so low, it would be fantastic to have further medical info to reference.

Hmm infection definately there and slightly increased in size since this am.  Have left message at hospital as to what to do… just hope that if infection picked up in hospital they won’t want my company for a few days with IV antibiotics.  😦

Thanks Leon who finally had to make that old joke from Viz magazine… (was wondering who would be first!)… “I feel like a right tit”.  And thank heavens I still do 🙂

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