A little ouchy

I’m not sure if the niggling pain is due to the tissue shuffling round or if I have another infection.  Sounds ridiculous having just finished the last lot of strong antibiotics but it’s painful and slightly discoloured again.  Hopefully this weekend it’ll settle down.  Doesn’t help with a good night’s sleep though – wish I could just sleep on my back instead of my front… sort of important when you’ve had boob surgery not to keep turning over!!
Right that’s enough whinging and wining… positive mental attitude…
I wonder how long it will be until I get the referral appointment with the radiation therapist?  Until then the jobs are to sort out removals from my Mum’s house into storage and start the final clear up before the house is sold.  It’s strange how different I feel about the house now that Mum’s no longer there – it’s just a house.  The memories are in the furniture and possession and even the crazy kitchen equipment and those are the things that I’d like to keep.  But I miss her a lot and wish she was here to talk to about this – she would lobby the NHS about ensuring they had the code for Phyllodes Tumours in their records and she’d push for answers, conclusive answers – but she’d also drive me nuts about it all and relate it to her illness and leave long windy answerphone messages!  
And then I need to spend some time doing paperwork.  All sounds so very simple but I wish I had the energy to start doing it all.

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