Happy Birthday H & Flewbie

I was thinking that I didn’t have anything of note to write today but then it all changed.  I heard back from Cancer Research UK who kindly directed me to the website and said the instructions for joining the trial were on there… hmmm wasn’t that where I got their email address from in the first place?

This was shortly followed by an email from one of the clinicians (who I’d stalked by email – hmmm I am getting good at this stalking thing!) who has sent me the patient consent form and said if I wish to be included she will call me in the next couple of days to discuss.  The trial is not into how to manage a tumour or the most effective surgery or treatments as I had thought but “We are studying phyllodes tumours in order to identify genes that may be important in the development of these tumours and to try and understand why some tumours recur and others do not.”

My biggest fear now that I’ve undergone two surgeries is that the tumour may recur and this will be an annual event.  Anything, I can do to help the clinicians identify why these occur and why they recur will be fantastic.  The trial doesn’t end until 2010 and the data will take some time to decipher and report upon but anything I can do to help future phyllodes survivors the better.

Oh and just one final little notelet but for those of you a little squeamish, look away now…

I have a little plastic stitching protruding and decided this morning to pull it… I mean surely, it must be stuck now… but it just went on pulling and puckering, perhaps it’ll be one of those nightmare moments when you get a lose thread and pull it only to discover that it unpicks all the stitching leaving you rather drafty!  I’ve left it well alone for now – still it’ll be somewhere to attach the nipple tassels or perhaps in a festive mood, somewhere to hang the Christmas baubles and lights!

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