Histology from Surgery No. 2’s arrived

I’ve now received the histology report from the second surgery and am soo confused as to what it really means.  I’m hanging on the words that say ‘No evidence of residual malignant phylloides tumour’.  There’s a number of things that I’m unsure of (apart from the medical jargon) and will ask for some further explanation.
Particuarly, I am unclear that the excised areas in surgery No. 2 completely surround the entire cavity from surgery No. 1 ie was a phylloides clear margin achieved.  My mind keeps coming back to the little tenticles that a phyllodes tumour puts out as little markers.
Histology report as below:
Clinical details:
Right cavitectomy for previously incompletely excised malignant phylloides tumour.
. Right cavitectomy – suture new margin.
B. Further margin – lateral.
.  Partially opened cavity excision, 33.7 grams, with suture on new margin.  Dimensions 50x60x40mm.  New margin inked black.  Cavity inked blue.  7 (7) gj/tb
B. Two pieces of fibrofatty tissue, 10.1 grams, each measures 35x20x15mm.  Inked black. 4 (2)
. This right breast cavitectomy specimen has been sampled extensively.  The breast parenchyma adjacent to the previous cavity site shows foci of adenosis and epithelial proliferation.  There is a focus of low grade papillary DCIS with associated calcifications.  This focus is present in two tissue slices and this would give an approximate dimension of 5mm.  The focus has a clearance of 4mm from the new surgical margin (A3).  There are also foci of myxoid stroma surrounding ductal structures, however the atypical mitotically active cellular stroma seen in the previous excision (09H015986) is not a feature in this specimen.  There is no evidence of invasive malignancy.
B. This lateral margin re excision specimen also shows reactive changes along with the foci of adenosis to the breast parenchyma.  There is no evidence of insitu or invasive malignancy.  No residual malignant phylloides tumour is evident.
A. Right breast, cavitectomy : low grade DCIS, 5mm dimension, with a clearance of 4mm from new margin.  No evidence of residual malignant phylloides tumour.
B. Right breast, further lateral margin : no evidence of malignancy.
Supplementary Report
PR 3+5=8
ER 3+5=8
I also received a copy of a letter sent to my GP from my consultant referring to a possibleneed for radiotherapy and confirming he has asked his colleagues at the Royal Marsden to assess my case with regard to this.  I hope I hear soon and am able to discuss this further with the radiation team.  I’m not getting good at waiting and want to ensure that any further treatment of any type is over and done with by the new year… because 2010 is going to be MY year.
In the meantime, I’m hanging on to the positive… ‘No evidence of residual malignant phylloides tumour’.  I just wish I could remind my tear ducts as I’ve been very teary today and not sure if it’s to do with this, with Mum or just because… oh well… positive… positive… positive.

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