What a treat… and more than one of them

Having H to stay and look after me is a total treat.  After getting up late, we spent the morning in front of a glowing fire, numerous pots of tea and our not bothering to get out of our PJs (apologies to Sainsbury home food delivery man and a lovely surprise visitor, David who were greeted (and entertained) by H and I in our nightwear!).  We just about managed to get dressed and out in time to get to the spa by mid-afternoon.  My next treat was being pampered with a gorgeous vitamin enriched facial and energising body massage.  And to finish off our lovely day, roast chicken dinner and trash TV indispersed with our chatting and putting the world to rights.
The other treat having H with me this weekend is that she’s seen so many different surgeries during her medical career and is able (fairly objectively) to talk to me about my histology report (deciphering it into short easy to understand words), about potential operations to equal up my two boobs ie a reduction operation on my left boob, also to advise about the lovely nylon stitching that’s poking out.  Generally making me feel OK about me.
I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight as mentally and physically I feel looked after.  Thanks H.

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