Note to self… “BE proactive and stalk”

I know I’ve giggled a little at my ability to stalk the medical world and find out for myself information about phyllodes tumours and then attempt to relate my findings to my case. I’m also, although some of you may disagree, intelligent and literate. Thank heavens – I’m continually reminded that MY health is exactly that, mine. How do others cope when they don’t have access to the internet or are nervous of chasing up appointments or seeking other opinions – is this why some cases are caught too late for some?

Turns out that the referral to the radiation team appears not to have been sent/received. My chasing up yesterday worked – they’ve faxed it over today! Just as well that my research has told me that, if possible, radiation should only be done once the surgery has healed sufficiently. My nurse has said that if I don’t hear by Tuesday to chase again – oooh and I shall!

First evening out since October before Op No. 1 for the office Christmas party. Managed to stay until the end of dinner and now, although a lovely evening and a chance to catch up with colleagues, am somewhat regretting it. Exhausted and definate pinching pain now. Looking forward to a quiet day doing nothing tomorrow! I did however get to wear my Christmas tree earrings for their annual outing, complete with baubles.

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