Kindness of strangers

A busy day for me with a GP and dentist appointment.  A short while ago I would have also managed a bit of retail therapy, lunch with the ladies and an evening out or a glass or two of champers in the Fifth Floor!
It’s funny that when you know your GP for so many years and know that he knows me as well as I know myself, he can reduce me to tears just by simply asking how I really am.  He knows that the red hair, smiley face and one liner jokes also hide many emotions about Mum and my rare and odd cancer.  Bless him he’s been keeping up with my case ensuring that I’m getting the best possible treatment in the NHS and that my case is referred upward if nobody knows.  My medical guardian angel.  We were able to discuss what has happened so far, what may happen ie radiation, recurrence or mastectomy and although most of our discussion was reaffirming my understanding and research, I knowthat I have his full support.  Oh I know you’ll be asking… no I didn’t ask him about the pain that’s back – I’m hanging my hope that it’s just the tissue reshuffling – I’ve got to or else I’ll go mad!
As my dentist appointment was a few hours away and my boob was a little achy, I figured that I needed a ‘pick-me-up’ that involved relaxing and not walking around (without champagne!).  Where better to go than the Urban Retreat, the beauty emporium in the top floor of Harrods, for a hair cut and manicure.  What awesomely lovely women who pampered me and then arranged for me to have a (free) complete make-over with Laura Mercier.  I look a squillion dollars tonight and feel a little naughty not going to the Fifth Floor for a glass or two of champagne!
I swanned out of Harrods and across the road to Rigby & Peller where I had arranged for a bra fitting.  I desperately need/want to get back into my lingerie and out of these medical bras but know that I don’t quite have a matching pair!  The consultant was lovely and reassuring about what can be done to even me up, without cosmetic surgery.  I left with some silicone enhancers/inserts as a temporary fix (if I get out of these medical bras!) however she recommended that I come back in 4 weeks for a proper fitting as the scarring is still very red and the lump/cavity area is so tender and sore.  She also explained that they are able to do pretty much anything with inserts, pockets, prosthesis and even made to measure bras.  Maybe I will get the emerald green lingerie I’ve been dreaming of.
Final appointment of the day was with my dentist, Ann.  I’m incredibly lucky that like my GP, Ann has been my dentist for over 20 years and knows me very well.  We’ve lived through years of stories and gossip about our lives and she, like my GP knows how to press my buttons and understand me.
It’s been a strange day with many mixed emotions.  Most of all wonderful words of support and encouragement with a plethora of hugs from people who have known me for 20+ years and beauticians, hairdressers and sales consultants that I’ve only just met.

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