Little people (not elves!)

I’ve had a lovely Christmas with my family – eaten too much, played with lots of board and card games, made things with my neice’s arts and crafts gifts and even attempted a jigsaw. I enjoyed spending time with everyone and catching up without rushing off to get home.

I love the magic of Christmas and I’m reminded frequently that I can be a very naughty but nice Auntie Anna, teach my neices, nephews, Godchildren and anyone under the age of 16 to misbehave or be just that little bit daft and giggly… sometimes be able to get away with things that the children themselves get told off for by the parents and then conspire with the children to know that they are allowed to be children for a very very long time… hey I’m 42 and determined not to grow up!

But where do they get the endless source of energy from? And how do the parents keep up without needing to disappear for several hours ‘shut-eye’?

Small people are quite lovely but I’m always grateful to give them back!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, however and wherever you spent it.

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