Funding request….

As you know I’m very excited and grateful to have received a grant from the Young Survivors Conference Scholarship Fund which will cover a large chunk of the expenses and enable me to go to 10th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer in Atlanta USA in February 2010. I am acutely aware however that for many of my Phyllodes sisters (and other breast cancer survivors) without one of these grants they are unable to attend. In the USA they have to make concessions to ensure that they are able to cover the cost of their medical bills. I hear horror stories of some who have to put on hold their medical treatment whilst they save up. For all the criticisms we may have of the NHS (which I personally cannot fault during this journey), we have to remember and be sooo grateful we don’t have to choose between holiday/food/mortgage -v- medical bills or weigh up the risk of going without or delaying radiation or further surgery until the funds can be raised.

The information, workshops, and seminars at the Conference, I believe, will be invaluable for us all attending, as will the cameraderie of knowing that we’re not alone and for me personally to meet my ‘virtual’ Phyllodes sisters too.

So whilst I wait for further news about my own situation, I’m asking you to help me raise money for the Young Survivors Conference Scholarship Fund.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Young Survival Coalition’s Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer is the only international event focused on the unique needs and issues faced by women diagnosed before age 45. Created by young women for young women and their caregivers, the conference has grown to one of the largest meetings in the world for women with a history of breast cancer.

This one-of-a-kind event features educational programming focused on every phase of a young woman’s breast cancer journey: from recent diagnosis, in treatment, living with advanced breast cancer to post-treatment — and years beyond.

Please donate whatever you can so that young women from all around the world can participate in this amazing event.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Living Beyond Breast Cancer

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Thank you.

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