I’m not sure if it’s jetlag or the final bottle of wine that I shared with, my long-lost bezzie mate, Paul last night but I’m having difficulty getting out of bed.

Paul (who lives in Atlanta) collected me from the airport (which if you’ve even flown through ATL you’ll understand is a ‘mare for security) and after checking in and dumping my bags we headed out for dinner. In ATL time, I was back home and in bed by 11pm… err however it was 6am UK time – hey maybe we were just remembering the ‘good old days’ when we used to party!

Most of the attendees arrived late afternoon and I have shopping to do (for others!) so headed out into Atlanta and brave as brave can be took their version of the metro uptown to a huge shopping mall. Hey in the UK we think Westfield is big! Successful shopping mission (for others!) and managed to find my way home too… she’s goooood!

Three of my Phyllodes sisters arrived in the afternoon and we met up for dinner. I can’t tell you how truly wonderful it is to meet some of the ladies who really got me through some rough times, albeit over the internet. It was wonderful to give them a hug and then over dinner for all of us to talk frankly about our experiences, how and what we’ve discovered about Phyllodes and managed operations, treatments and metastases. But the most important part is just that we’re all so positive and upbeat about life and living it… oh boy we laughed lots last night. Another of my sisters arrived late last night and joined us for a final drink before crashing in my room.

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