Talk about ups and downs

I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster again.. and those of you who know me, know that I’m not a fan of fair rides!
It seems that with every high, there’s a low.  With every smile, there’s a grimace.  With every positive thought, there’s a negative one.  With every step forward, there’s a backward step.
Each of these instances are putting me to the test again.  I’m trying hard to believe the good stuff and ignore the bad; to support others diagnosed with phyllodes; to plan for a future, my future; to believe that I’m done with phyllodes, with no more surgery or treatment; to remember that everything happens for a reason and to use every experience for good.
This week I have been shocked that phyllodes has spread in some of my phyllodes sisters to other soft tissue areas.  One fo my team is in ICU and another checking into a hospice.  I’m not sure if I was lied to by the medics or they simply just don’t know.  When will they really know something about this rare cancer and be able to find a cure.
Please pray for those diagnosed with phyllodes and particularly those with advanced or recurrent tumours.  I would like to believe that some comfort can be felt by our collectively supporting eachother.

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