(part II) Update

Well that didn’t quite go according to plan. Was going to pop in, get covered in that weird ultrasound gel, have a radiographer poke and prod at my boobs (all sounds a bit jolly perverted but honestly it really is for medical purposes!). I was then going to run from the hospital to do a little retail therapy before a Apple Mac lesson… (yes, finally I’m iMac positive!)

However (drum roll), the first bit was according to plan. Well the turning up at the hospital, the appointment being late, dressing up in weird cotton dressing gowns that don’t quite fit (an interesting look on some of the attendees), getting covered in gel and the poking and prodding bits anyway. The bit that wasn’t quite according to plan started when the doctor insisted on working out if it had been 12 months since my last mammogram and mentioned that they’re better at picking up signs of phyllodes than ultrasounds… hmmm clue number 1. Next was the questions about exactly where the excision site was and if there was a lot of scar tissue… hmm. clue number 2. And the final clue when she left the room, told me to wait and then I heard hushed voices outside the room… all so comforting!

Anyway, the upshot is that she found the previous scans and has noted that there is a new suspect area. She said that it may just be scar tissue but even without any medical training, I suspect that scar tissue doesn’t appear 8 months after surgery has completed!

So, I’m booked in for a mammogram and biopsy next Wednesday. These will then be examined/tested and the results presented by my lovely oncologist on 11th August.

OR conspiracy theory… The radiologist is playing a jolly little jokette on me as pay back following the fuss I made about my appointment being cancelled last week… oh how I’ll look back at this and laugh (right after I bop them on the nose!)

And yes Millie has once again rearranged her schedules and farmed out her lovely children so that she can come with me to both appointments and look after me.

Note to self: Must invest in waterproof mascara and packet of tissues… blinking ridiculous behaviour today to even think about attending the hospital without backup!

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