To say I’m relieved would be an understatement. For all my joking around about plastercast boobs and ‘feeling a right tit’, I was a tad worried about having to have the extra test and biopsies and what it all means. It was never far from my mind and although you’ve all tried hard to distract me (and some of you have done very well) my mind has kept coming back to the ‘what if’s’. I still however agree with my consultant’s view of preparing or the worst but hoping for the best (despite restless nights as I hit ‘play’ on the future scenarios ahead) – but it has meant that the euphoric high of being told that it is scar tissue and I’m OK has been even more surprising and therefore more exciting – I can’t stop grinning (Black Eyed Peas “…Today’s gonna be a good day” was playing as we drove into the hospital car park – NLPers will understand why that was a good omen).

I might however still have to do the plastercast thing! đŸ˜‰

So, I don’t need to go back until January 2011 for a ‘regular’ ultrasound scan – YAY!

I can really start getting on with my life, getting my fitness back, losing weight, plotting and planning for a future and, importantly, putting heart and soul into getting the UK conference for people affected by breast cancer onto the annual agenda. I’ve been a little distracted this past few weeks and now have no blinking excuse! Pull your finger out Wallace! This time it really does feel like I’m OK. It really does feel that I have ‘done with’ cancer. It really does feel like I’ve been given another chance.

Huge thank you to Millie, Mark, Ed ad Abi for their continued support and… I did promise you I’d stop ‘growing’ stuff and I have… do I get a prize? Oh yes, champagne anyone?

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