If you learn something from me…

I can’t believe that a year ago, I got up early and prepared myself for the day ahead – Mum’s funeral. How incredibly lucky was it that I couldn’t sleep. How incredibly lucky was it that I had two outfits and couldn’t decide between them. How incredibly lucky that the first didn’t quite cut the mustard. WHY? Because it meant I swapped back and forth between the outfits, adjusting the look and (sorry boys) adjusting my boobs into each bra. It was then, mid-change number 3 or 4, that I found the lump. Had I not done that, how long would it have been until I found it and then what would the delay have meant?

I didn’t check myself regularly. I didn’t know what my ‘normal me’ was. I always nodded sagely when I heard, saw or read that we should check regularly and if asked, I’d probably say ‘yes’ and not want to show myself up in that I didn’t know how to check them properly. Why don’t we include this in our school curriculum? We discuss contraceptives, sex, HIV, and a whole host of other things, but well being tips? Perhaps if I had really known how or perhaps not embarrassed to ask my GP, I might have known that this lump was irregular.

So, if you learn nothing from me, please check yourself regularly (men and women!) and here’s a guide how to… Click here for a video and instruction
Do this regularly so that you notice any differences.

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