September/October blur

I am pleased to report that I’ve been busy…. busy doing things not busy rushing back and forth with hospital appointments.

I’ve taken a holiday in the sun. I’ve relaxed. I’ve decorated. I’ve busied myself with planning and plotting of the conference. I’ve had meetings and discussions. I’ve been frustrated by beaurocracy and commercialism. I’ve taken part in projects for cancer charities and others for the NHS. I’ve signed up for more roles within both charity and NHS capacities. I’ve tried to get my voice heard and my face seen and to be an advocate for cancer survivors. I’ve been asked my opinion on my journey and where things could be improved and I’ve watched as eyebrows were raised when I spoke well of my GP and surgeon. I’ve tried to find the positive and offer advice or suggestions for improvement. I’ve taken part in films for GP training and I’ve written to MPs and signed petitions. I’ve supported and held hands with others going through this journey. This website still attracts new visitors looking for answers for Phyllodes and I’m pleased that I’m able to offer them some comfort and support. Sometimes it’s been hard – particularly when I’m tired or not feeling great.

I’m doing well but every now and then my boob still hurts – today’s been a bad day. I know there’s nothing wrong and I don’t feel like I’ve to worry but it still hurts. However that doesn’t and shouldn’t ever stop me from helping others, in a small way or through the event I’m putting together. I still feel so passionately that everything happens for a reason and I can make a difference.

I have a voice and (some may disagree) am intelligent and articulate… if my voice, writing, enthusiasm or ability will make a difference, then I’ve been of use.

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