Words and pictures

I’m not sure what I’m feeling today so I thought I’d just create something different… this pretty much sums it all up,  my journey so far

My Journey in a Wordle

Wordle: Journey with Phyllodes

Before you all panic that there’s anything wrong, there isn’t.  I’m fine.  I’m just at an impasse in the journey.  I’ve found myself using words like ‘lucky’ ‘fortunate’ ‘grateful’ ‘thankful’ ‘positive’ ‘inspirational’ whilst talking about me and my journey.  I am all those things but then WHAM I am reminded that some people on this journey aren’t so lucky, fortunate or grateful.

We can bathe ourselves with pink ribbons, pink events, walk 5 or 10k, make people ‘breast aware’, congratulate the medics on the extended survival rates (however they actually calculate them) but some people aren’t smiling anymore and some are no longer with us or are struggling.  Please remember that although the pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness month may be intended to be jolly happy, clappy and upbeat, there are people who aren’t.  Simples.

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