Check ups

I am so pleased to tell you that today I had the results of this six monthly ultrasound check up and it’s all GOOD news. Can still see an area on the ultrasound that appeared in last check up but it’s shrunk so they believe (from the mammogram and biopsy of last check) that it’s scar tissue that is now disappearing slowly too.

The consultant even had a suggestion to help with the pains that I still frequently get and that has worried me…. as I know from discussions with others and you will have read about, breast tissue has memories and the thought is that my breast tissue is just recreating the most recent pain when it should probably be just whinging a bit that it’s cold or something! Well the consultant suggested that I rub ibuleve gel on the painful area for a few consecutive days (following instructions depending on strength). She believes that this may numb the nerve endings that have been cut and reduce/stop the pain. I’m going to give it a go and if it works, tell everyone else that has also made comments about having post-op pain that the doctors say isn’t a recurrence! How fab would that be to be finally pain free and tumour free too?

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