Olympic tickets go on sale

For once I was up with the larks, coffee made and drunk, breakfast foraged for and disappeared. I anxiously waited by my computer for THE moment.

What moment you might say? Perhaps it’s passed you by?

Then the clock ticked over, it’s time!

The first time to be able to put in your request for 2012 London Olympic tickets. I am soooo ready for this. I clickety-click away and put in for quite a few events. In fact I’m sort of worrying that if I do get them all, just how I’m going to pay for them. But then again the likelihood of that is very little.

I remember doing this when I was in Australia. Dave and I put in for quite a few events each and we ended up with 2 pairs of tickets each. We did of course manage to obtain other tickets or go along with others who had a spare. I saw 8 different events in Sydney, truly amazing.

I’m not sporty. I like sport. I like watching it. I play a little. I don’t understand the off-side rule (despite it being explained a squillion times). I don’t know who all the players are or where anyone is in any particular league.

But I love being a part of something amazing. I love cheering on the underdog. I love seeing how a game/match/event changes in a heartbeat. Mostly though I love the ‘possibility’.

What an incredible event. I can’t wait. I wonder what tickets I’ll manage to get. My application is in…

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