New sheds

Fed up with my leaking garden shed, I’ve managed to persuade my brother to sell me two new sheds and more to the point for him to come to London and put them up!  OK so it also coincides with my nephew coming to London for an Auntie Anna stay (we’ve got lots planned).

I inherited my garden shed when I bought the flat and even then it was a little ‘draughty’.

My nephew and niece rather liked the idea of helping me demolish the old shed… and they really did do a fabulous job, although there was a few moments when I had to take the sledge hammer off my nephew or remind them to step outside the shed when pulling the roof or a wall down!



This shed was replaced with a shiny new one… with a roof that doesn’t leak and sides that don’t let the wind in!




OOoh and I also bought a further shed… my creative shed.  This is where I will hide out when I want to paint, write, sculpt, read or… just sit and chill!

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