Fizz, Fizz, Glorious Fizz

Many people have commented on my Facebook account about my enjoying the odd (ahem) glass of champagne. My comments have often been that it’s Champagne Monday, Bubble Tuesday, Fizzy Friday, Sparkly Saturday or similar throughout the week… there’s a reason for every day without too much thought or rhyming.

And yes I have been enjoying a glass or two… and I make absolutely no excuse for doing so. I hope I’m not being showy or flashy… I also am not being extravagant or outrageous… why?

Over the years I have been given many bottles of champagne, sparkly or fizz. Some as a thank you, some as a gift and always because people know that I like fine wine and fizz. However like many people I’ve put it away whilst saying that old familiar phrase ‘I’ll keep it for something special’….

Every day should be celebrated in some way. With a glass of champagne; something fun and frivolous; a hug or a telephone conversation with someone you’ve not spoken with in a while; a shared joke; a dance in the rain; a jump in a balloon room; or a smile with a stranger… whatever YOU do to celebrate remember that every day is amazing and that each and every day YOU deserve something special.

If the past couple of years has shown me anything… it’s something so simple… that every day is special… and I, for one, have learnt with every sip of champagne to be thankful for every day, for everyone in it and all that the day brings.

[PS Soon the champagne stock will be depleted and I’ll be posting pictures of sparkling water!]

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