My lovely GP called me in to see him today. I didn’t know why but presumed he may have received the results of my latest scans from the hospital and was just checking on me.

I’ve said before that my GP is the best in the world and I’m terrifically fortunate to have him as my GP. Sure enough he just wanted to take my blood pressure, blood test and generally check on me. We had our usual little chat. He was also able to take some blood for me to send off for a clinical trial that is being carried out into DCIS (you may remember they found one of those in me too!).

I was my usual bubbly self. As the appointment was coming to the end, he asked me ‘how I really was’. To which I gave my usual chirpy answer of OK and the mask was firmly on. As I left his room, he said he worries about me putting a brave front on and then said “Anna, YOU know what I mean. And you know where I am.” Barely made it out of the surgery before the tears fell. Thank God for my favourite place to put myself back together again… I headed to Berkeley Square and probably looked like a loony-tune sitting, staring and thinking!

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