Joanna Hall Training Camp

Since attending the Walkactive Introduction in July, I’ve been keenly keeping up the walking.  Once a week I head into Hyde Park for a training session with Joanna.  It’s great fun with lots of fabulous people.  I’ve also discovered new parts of Hyde Park that I didn’t know existed as well as feeling like I’m getting there.

On my own I’ve been attempting to do at least 7,000 steps a day to keep up the fitness.  I’ve got such a long way to go to get my fitness levels back and to lose some weight at the same time but it’s a start.  My ankles and calves play up on occasion but if I don’t do anything stupid it’s manageable and I need to do it to get fitter so a little pain can’t be a bad thing?

What I needed was a short burst of uber fitness and so I signed up for Joanna Hall‘s training camp in La Manga.  I’ll confess that the lure of sunshine also played a factor.  How much easier is it to get out there and exercise when the sun is shining?

I opted to keep costs down and share a room with a ‘stranger’.  Turned out to be a very lovely lady by the name of Elizabeth.  Ooh we’ve had a jolly good giggle all week – a perfect roomie for this trip.

I received the itinerary shortly before we left and can’t help but note that I was a little aghast at the early mornings ahead.  Eeek.

LaMangaItinerary2011What a totally fabulous training camp (errr bootcamp!).  The early mornings were a struggle to get out of bed for.  It was still pitch black!  However when we were out there doing our stuff around the golf course pathways and watching the sun rise over the hills, it was stunning.  The only sound was our footsteps and the odd brrr of a lawnmower as the grounds team got the golf course ready.

LaManga 20112Evidence that I can get up early and do exercise!   Honestly though it felt amazing.  We’d then head back to do some stretches in the icy cold pool.  Followed by more stretching on the rooftop whilst watching the sun finally rise.  What an amazing view (the sunrise not us!).

LaManga 20115A short break for a beautiful breakfast on the terrace.  We all fell a little in love with the Eggman… boy he can cook eggs, anyway you want them!

LaManga 20117Just enough time to digest our breakfast and we’d be off again.  Either a technical session on the impeccably groomed football pitches, a walk to the ocean with hill climb intervals…

LaManga 20113Or the dreaded 7km mountain climb.  The path went on and on and the sun got hotter as we climbed… but boy when I finally made it to the top it was a very special view.

LaManga 20111La Manga resort is as beautifully groomed as any great golf course should be.  We timed our walks to avoid the golfers (they’re not up early for the sunrise walk) or we’d be ‘off resort’.  The only exception was for our return from the mountain climb with special permission granted for us to return along an agreed route with only a couple of golf holes and were asked to pause, if necessary.  On our return however one ‘lady’ golfer decided to take a pot shot directly at us!  What a pity to be so pathetic.  We’d deliberately waited well behind the tee for the group to take their shots and then to gather their buggies and start walking up the fairway.  We had then walked around the corner, along the path and were heading for home.  So for her to go back and take aim was utterly ridiculous.  Fortunately she missed but it did make me seethe!

A fun dinner on the final evening with great food and wine (although perhaps we should have abstained… ahem!)

LaManga 20114 Where I received this award!

photo-9An invigorating holiday/bootcamp/training camp and I returned feeling so much fitter, more supple and healthier.  Great fun group of people and hugely encouraging trainers in Joanna and Ange.

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