Results appointment

Ok so the appointment was rescheduled.  Once again I park in the most expensive car park and wait an inordinate amount of time to see the consultant.

Once in the room, I face the usual questions where it appears they’ve not read my notes or know anything of why I’m there.  After fully explaining the situation, the consultant looks at the scan results and announces everything is fine.  He then gestures to the door as if to ask me to leave.

At what point do you think he asks me if the symptoms have continued?  If I’m still have bleeding, nausea, pain, swelling etc.  Err he doesn’t.  I’m getting tearful.  Just before I leave the room, I tell him it’s NOT fine.  Despite the tests showing nothing, there’s still no result or resolution to discovering why I’m experiencing these symptoms and have been experiencing these symptoms now for well over a year!!!  Aaaaaagh… I’m so fed up.  But I do know I’ve had enough of this hospital and it’s inefficiencies.

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