Flexible Cystoscopy

Aaaagh fingers crossed today’s examination and procedure will find answers.  I’ve been poked and prodded way more than I’d ever want and still they don’t know why I’ve got these unexplained symptoms.  I’m fed up with feeling ill but I’m also fed up with the many many returns to different hospitals, different consultants, explaining every time why I’m there (they never seem to read any notes or have the full picture) and of course being poked and prodded.

What a pleasant surprise today then when the consultant – female and a similar age to me – had read the notes, asked questions, listened to the answers etc etc.  Already I was feeling confident that she would be able to find out something.  And she did!

OK so the procedure is a bit gross and, if I’d not had as many embarrassing procedures by this point, I’d be slightly mortified having yet another tube with a camera on the end inserted into my girl bits!  Also a little odd holding a conversation with the consultant whilst she looked at a screen and moved the camera around.  But a pleasant change to be asked sensible questions about my health… including ‘had I ever had a catheter inserted?’  When I said ‘yes’, she asked if the nurse had had difficulty inserting it.  Err yes she had!

She found a tear in my urethra that she believes would have been when the catheter was inserted the night of my second surgery.  She then thought that as the infection hadn’t been treated (and still remained) that it would have spread through other organs.

Well that would explain the blood, the nausea, the tiredness etc etc.

Her suggestion was surgery.  I don’t want any more surgery… in fact I don’t want to be in hospital again for a very long time.

Her next suggestion was antibiotics and managing the infection.  She gave me advise about which ones to take and said she’d send a letter to my GP about it.

This was however with a warning that ‘managing the infection’ would be a temporary thing and probably wouldn’t clear it up permanently – it certainly wouldn’t fix the tear.  That’ll be by surgery when I’m ready…

Whoohooo I feel so much better knowing what’s caused this past months and months of problems.

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