Wah! Wah! Girls

As you know from previous posts Sadlers Wells’ have produced a fabulous array of different dance shows this year as part of a World season.  Tonight we were back again to the Peacock Theatre to see the Wah! Wah! Girls, billed as ‘A British Bollywood Musical’.

When I chose this addition to ‘our season’ I was hoping for a colourful performance of bollywood dancing and indian music and a contrast between the traditional and modern  in London.  Sadly the performance we received was short of everything.  Short of bollywood dancing, short of story and short of indian music!

My feeling was that they had produced something that appeared more like an amateur dramatic version of Bollywood Glee!

That said, the stage set was creatively put together with each house, street front or bedroom wall pictured on curtains that were then pulled on and off with a trainer.  A wonderful set change in seconds and it meant that we, as the audience, was taken from the inside of a house, to the street, to a club etc in seconds and could easily move with the storyline.  I loved the London bus that was created from a metal frame and material.  Many of the costumes were colourful and flowing however perhaps too many others were bedecked in ‘British’ outfits that had been rescued from a charity shop in the East End of London.

Tonight was the final performance of the show in London but I don’t think you missed anything that your hard earned £££ wouldn’t have been better spent elsewhere.  I’d been looking forward to this show and really feel that they missed a great opportunity to showcase the Bollywood dance style.

Guardian review – 1 June 2012
Telegraph review – 1 June 2012

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