As you know from my previous post, I’ve been a touch anxious about this upcoming check.  What I neglected to tell you is that I’ve been having a lot of pain in my breasts in the past couple of months to the point where the pain has been waking me up at night or I’ve found myself clutching or rubbing my breast in public! They’ve also been quite lumpy bumpy.

You’ll also know from my previous posts that I’ve not a clue what’s ‘normal’.  I wasn’t one of those people who followed the instructions and checked themselves regularly and therefore knew what was my ‘normal’.  The first time I’d really ‘checked myself’ was after I’d found ‘the lump’.

So I think the lumpy bumpiness has really added to my scanxiety this time round.  Last night I eventually fell asleep at about 2.30am and was awake again at 4.30am!  Another thing about me, is that when I’m tired I get tearful but I knew I had to pull myself together and get through today.

My appointment was at 10am and I knew that I was being seen with the ‘special cases’ today (not a normal mammo day at our hospital) and was therefore really hoping that we had the nice mammographer.  There shouldn’t be such a difference between them but there is.  There’s the younger lady who has quite clearly never had a mammogram nor does she think they hurt.  I remember once when I had tears running down my face and wincing with pain when she said “stop making a fuss, it’ll be over in a minute”… if my boob hadn’t been sandwiched tightly, I’d have thumped her!

Luckily today I had the lovely mammographer who took the time to ‘position’ me perfectly and told me when to breathe in and out to relieve the pain too.  Sounds odd, but what I’ve learnt is that even the positioning of your feet and shoulders have a bearing on the pain levels.  Oooh I also cheated a little by taking an ibuprofen and paracetemol beforehand so that they were a little less painful!

I was seen quickly and the mammogram seemed to take only a short while AND without the need to redo any pictures!  I was then asked to wait in the screening waiting area and not to get dressed whilst the radiographer looked over the slides.  I couldn’t help wonder if this was because there was something suspicious.

10 minutes later, I was told to get dressed (as if I’d not want to wear those gorgeous gowns a moment longer??) and was free to leave.

I’m back to the consultant for the results next week but, subject to being ushered into ‘the room of doom’, I think it’s OK.

And if it’s not, this is what I’ve threatened my consultant with…

Right now though, I’m shattered.   Oooh I so can’t wait to go to bed soon…

PS  Could the painful boobs be due to an early menopause?  I wonder when Mum went through menopause?  Wish she was still alive and able to tell me.

2 thoughts on “Mammogram

  1. Lol!! Loving The Manogram. Will keep everything crossed for you. Can’t say I used it check myself regularly either, think I will always be now after recent experiences. Enjoy a lovely looooonnnnnnggggg sleep tonight.

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