I attended a meeting at the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in London this evening for volunteers. As you know from previous postings I have been a volunteer at a number of events for Maggie’s in this past year. Some of them are collecting donations, such as the Walk the 38 or Golf Live events. Others simply representing the charity and being part of the Olympic Stadium parade.

Charitable organisations always need volunteers. People who understand their organisation, what they do and why. To speak with members of the public, promote their services and advocate their work.

For me, volunteering for Maggie’s is a no-brainer. I can’t endorse more fully what they do, what they stand for, their methodologies, ethos and care for anyone affected by cancer. For their adaptable spirit that enables people at different times with different requirements to be supported by this organisation.

I have known and know people supported through their Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Oxford, Hong Kong and Cheltenham centres. I’ve yet to hear a bad word said or a comment about their not being there or knowing what is required and when. Truly amazing and I would urge you all to have a look at what they do, tell others about them and if you’re nearby to call in and understand each of the Centres.

Tonight several volunteers and Maggie’s staff got together to brainstorm about ideas for future fundraising events and volunteer roles. We recognised that the volunteer roles take many forms. Some physical attendance such as the events I’ve done previously. Others to review leaflets or newsletters etc. Perhaps to contribute by sharing your experiences. Also volunteering services to talk about the Centres and the services. Promote their organisation. As I’ve said before, I do this all the time and will continue to do so.

If you can, do get involved or take the time to find out more about the centres and why I think they play an important part around the World in supporting people affected by cancer.

But volunteering doesn’t have to be for Maggie’s… I’m sure you’ve got organisations, charities or causes you’re passionate about. Do think about getting involved… they all need volunteers.

Of if you’re not sure who’d you’d like to volunteer for but perhaps have some time on your hands, want to get involved or even need work experience, then one of the volunteers said this site, Do-It Volunteering Made Easy, is a great place to find organisations needing volunteers – at home and abroad.

The buzz I feel when I volunteer for Maggie’s and the other charities and organisations with whom I work/volunteer/speak, is enormous.  I know I give up lots of my time (some people say too much of my time) but what I get back is way way way more!

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