Abigail’s Party

I’ve been tempted by this play for a while.  Tempted more when friends saw it and raved about it saying they laughed throughout.  But I’ve not managed to create the time to see it or organise myself to get tickets.

So, how utterly fabulous when I receive a text this morning from a friend I’ve not seen in quite a while, saying they’ve a spare ticket for this evening and did I want to join them?  Doh, of course!


Also a jolly good excuse for a catch up, so a few texts later we’ve organised to meet outside the theatre at 7pm. That’ll be enough time for a quick drink and hello in the bar before the play starts and then dinner and a gossip afterward.

Firstly, I just loved the set.  The furniture, lighting, shagpile carpet, wallpaper, oooh everything, just took me back to my youth.  I can remember visiting friends who’s parents had houses with the latest furnishings and thinking how super cool it was.  I remember the Ercol furniture particularly with the soft lines and curved designs.  The colouring that was perhaps a little garish in oranges and greens but always tinged with a ‘smokers’ brown colouring.

Seriously the set designers must have had a field day recreating this set… go on click on the image and look at the detail!  I bet you can find at least one thing that pulls you back to a time past…


The play was brilliantly funny.  The timing of the actors impeccable.  The storyline hysterical.  Loved it and laughed a great deal, whilst cringing at parts too!

The Independent’s review – Must see: Abigail’s Party, Wyndham’s Theatre, London WC2
and London Theatre review

This run at Wyndham’s Theatre is only until 1st September so only a few days left… but I’m quite sure it’ll go on to another theatre as it’s utterly fabulous.  Do, if you have the chance, get along to see it.

PS  Love last minute escapes.  Love catching up with friends.  Love going out and doing something surprising.  Actually, I think I quite like surprises… though don’t tell anyone!

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