The Cook’s Tale : About an apprentice called Perkin Reveller

From The Canterbury Tales:

There lived a ‘prentice, once, in our city,
And of the craft of victuallers was he;
Happy he was as goldfinch in the glade,
Brown as a berry, short, and thickly made,
With black hair that he combed right prettily.
He could dance well, and that so jollily,
That he was nicknamed Perkin Reveller.

Or (my preferred choice):

At the Perkin Reveller, we love to celebrate life’s simple pleasures, over a platter of seasonal British food and a jug of locally brewed beer, a glass of exceptional wine or a cup of the finest tea in England!


I was invited to have lunch today at a new restaurant, Perkin Reveller, in the arches of Tower Wharf.  The restaurant is due to open any moment and they wanted some people to critique the restaurant, menu, food, service and ambiance.


Pic of our starters and one of the puds… I forgot to take pics of our main courses!

Of course there were a few teething problems but hey that’s why they asked us to come in and critique.  But it wasn’t with the food, which was all absolutely scrumptious!  And the small issues I’m sure will be ironed out quickly.

The Perkin Reveller joins new with old, the restaurant area being in a new building with a great deal of glass and then cuts neatly in to the bar area which is within the walls of Tower Bridge.  A great location with fabulous views of both Tower Bridge and also down the River Thames.

The menu is varied and has a wonderful choice of meat, fish and vegetarian options throughout together with a rounded choice of puds and starters.  I love that you can order Welsh rarebit as a savoury ‘ending’ to your meal!  The wine list is comprehensive and they serve locally brewed beer too.  I also adored the lime and soda that we had when we first arrived, a little flustered and hot.  Not your usual lime and soda, I might add.  But one with freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar syrup to sweeten, poured and served over lashings of ice… totally refreshing and delicious.

Not outrageously expensive but they did that annoying thing of charging extra for every vegetable, so watch out on the ‘sides’ ordering – grrr why do they do that?

Review by Big Hospitality – The mention long banqueting-style tables…. think they may need to revisit…

Review by Design my night

Definitely one to return to and sample some more from their diverse menu.

I can also totally see the bar being one of those little known hideaway secrets for a little late night drinkypoo!

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