“Music in the Courtyard”

The Royal Academy in London’s West End is within an amazing architectural building that houses and displays some fantastic works of art all year round. I particularly love (and have mentioned before) their Summer Exhibition.

Tonight though they hosted the London Philharmonic Orchestra for a concert in their wonderful courtyard.  The programme was a good mixture of orchestral and vocal performances.  Ravel, Dukas, Dupac and Chausson – French Impressionists to accompany the artwork currently on display in their exhibition “From Paris: A Taste of Impressionism”.

Fortunately the weather was kind to us and there was no need for the poncho which was provided (along with a bar of Lindt chocolate) with our programme.

Truly a magical night. The setting was stunning. The acoustics fabulous. The performance incredible.

For a limited time you can see and hear the concert (click here) – I have to confess to having done so a number of times since it’s upload!

I really hope they do more than just this one off concert in the future. It was a joy to see the LPO perform in these surroundings AND the ticket price was affordable to all at £12 per seat.

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