Attempted intruder

I live in London.  A part of London that has a wonderful community.  I’m blessed with neighbours that look out for me and are always kind enough to take in parcels when I’m away or watch out for anything suspicious… a rare event!

However just after 5am today I disturbed someone attempting to get into my property.  I had not long been up for a wee (probably too much information but hey!) and was just drifting back to sleep when I heard a scuffling noise.  I can recall thinking ‘oh it’s OK, it must be FoxyLoxy playing in the garden’ (I have a friendly fox that chills out in my garden or plays with balls and shoes that he finds!).  After a few seconds I realised that the noise was coming from the front of the house and not the garden.  With uber trepidation I opened the bedroom door and could see shadows of two people crouching down outside my front door.  Not sure what my heartrate was doing but worried that they could hear it from outside I stood stock still and gathered my thoughts and what to do.  Do I dial 999 and have to hope they’re not through the door before he police get here?  Do I open the door and confront them (hey I’m pretty scary at the time of the morning)?  Do scream and hope that the noise I make is more than a girly whisper?  Then I remembered that the front door is alarmed and all I needed to do was get to the front door to set it off.  Phew I managed it and they scarpered PDQ.

Then I called the police.  The police were here within a few minutes and did a drive around to see if they could see the intruders loitering anywhere.  Sadly they didn’t find anyone.

I’m thankful for my new security door.  How bloody dare they attempt to break in whilst we sleep in our beds in our own homes surrounded by possessions we’ve worked for?


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