Rock Choir taster session

Can I sing?  Can I perform?  Eeek I don’t know… I feel sick at the thought and I have sweaty palms (nice thought eh?).

Tonight I attended a ‘taster session’ with the Rock Choir in Wimbledon.  I figured that by joining a choir this may help me with a couple of things.  Performing in public and also doing something creative and fun that will, I hope, totally absorb me for a few hours each week.

I was surprised at the amount of people there tonight.  Even more surprised when I heard that they have an early and late session in Wimbledon – and both are equally busy!

For an hour and a half I sang.  I sat in with the bass part.  I’m not sure if I’m a bass or an alto (certainly not a soprano) so may move next week to see if alto suits my voice better.  Kind and welcoming people.  So much smiling and laughter from everyone.  A really enthusiastic choir leader, Jim.  Fun song choices.  A little odd that we only have the words and learn our parts by ear rather than reading music but apparently this is the way they do it here and it works.  Great arrangements to songs that I know from the radio… in fact if I listen to Magic FM I think I can probably hear most of the Rock Choir songs.

I couldn’t believe it when our session drew to a close.  I’d only just arrived.  Although I was tired from concentrating.  I had been absorbed with concentration learning the bass parts.

I’ll be back…. still not sure I can sing but I didn’t get any ‘looks‘ so perhaps I may be in tune!

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