28 stools and a popcorn machine

Shhhhh I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Spuntino in Rupert Street, Soho.

I was introduced to it today for brunch.  I have feeling that one of the 28 stools will be occupied regularly by me!!

OK so apparently it turns into a trendy bar in the evenings buzzing with people, cocktails and noise… but I’ve fallen in love with it for a fabulous little weekend brunch haunt.

The outside is unassuming and, if I’m honest, barely visible amongst the colourful and lairy neighbourhood Soho “establishments”.  The interior (once you’ve found it and been a little brave to enter) reminds me of an American diner.  White tiles floor to ceiling on the walls (apparently the original tiles from when the property was once a butcher-shop), a stainless steel topped wide bar at which the bar stools are lined up and a smell of popcorn in the air.

The bar staff are friendly and quite obviously enjoy their work.  We take up bar stools at the corner of the bar so that the three of us can gossip AND enjoy the food and drink.  Mimosas are ordered together with a selection of dishes that we will all sample.  My favourite, of course is their Mac & Cheese, although I’m rather taken with the aubergine fingers, the soft shelled crab, oh and the boiled egg, oh, and… oh you get the picture.

A truly top brunch spot in town.  Affordable, fun and serving deliciously fabulous food and coffee (or bubbles!).


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