Lunch in middle temple

I love my life.  I love new experiences, trying new things, seeing new places etc… you may have guessed from some of my posts!  So when opportunities present, I’m prone to say a big YES!  Today’s adventure was no different.

I was invited to take lunch in the Hall at Middle Temple in London.

Middle Temple is one of the four Inns of Court established in the 14th Century.  You can read more about the Temple here.  However of interest today was the fabulous Elizabethan Hall.  Over 101ft long and barely changed since it was built… including some of the tables where we sat.

imagesThere are still many rules by which you should abide whilst lunching there… fortunately my friend knew the rules and who was who in Chambers.

If you love a quirky place that is steeped in history then do consider going here for lunch or taking those ‘out of towners’ to somewhere new!  You can find out more here.

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