Marsden March

4,500 people signed up and took part in the Marsden March today.  Some chose to walk the 5 mile option and others walked 14 miles.  Eeek I had signed up for the 14 miles and managed to coerce a few friends into walking with me too.  Double eek when I tell you that it was utterly pouring with rain, the parks muddy, biting wind, squishy underfoot and pretty cold too!  Oh joy.








I had thought that my calves/shinsplints/ankles would have played up but they behaved.. my blisters however didn’t.  The final few miles I was walking on my heels through the rain and mud!


But we did it… and more importantly we raised (the 4,500 of us) over £1.18 million for Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.



So… what do you say?  Will you do the Marsden March in 2014?  Click here to sign up.

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