Let’s Rock the Moor 2013


OK so I remember most of the words to most of the songs of the 80s… although if you know me well you’ll know that I probably couldn’t tell you who sang it or what it’s called!

This year I couldn’t face doing the whole festival thing again – the camping, the loos (or lack of them) etc.  I’ve done it twice.. Rewind… I feel I can tick the ‘I’ve done a festival’ box.

However I did enjoy the music and festifeel so when I spotted Let’s Rock the Moor in Cookham and then saw the lineup, how could I possibly resist.  All that is Rewind but in one day, no camping, lots of loos, beer, burgers and 80s tunes!  An added bonus for me was that the local Rock Choirs were also performing on the second stage – always good to see my fellow RC’ers.

Rock the Moor 2013

It was a weekend Jeff was in the UK so able to join me.  We had a good giggle and couldn’t help it but celebrate it when we could head home at the end of the evening!



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