Brain Tumour Trust Dinner

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a huge great event or even a test of your physical powers.  Tonight I was invited to attend a dinner in aid of the Brain Tumour Trust Charity.  The friends arranging it had spoken to the proprietors of a local cafe/restaurant.  It was suggested that a set dinner could be served for up to 30 people at a cost of £20.  Tickets for the dinner would be sold at £35 ie £15 from each ticket sold going to charity.  There would also be a small raffle with a dozen donated prizes and tickets to be sold at a cost of £10 each.

About 25 people, mostly friends and family, turned up for a fabulous evening meal out.  (25x£15).  We all bought at least one raffle ticket and some many more (25+ x£10).  My friends did a short speech about the charity, why the charity was so important to them and why they were organising this event and raising funds.

The dinner was a great laugh, good times with friends (new and old), good food, great wine and all in aid of a good cause.

Not an outrageously costly event to attend but a nice little sum of fundraising for a charity close to my friend’s heart.

Could you organise something like this for a cause close to your heart?

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