Makeup Lesson and afternoon tea

I think when we get to a certain age we feel that we know how to make up our own faces.  I wonder how many times we’ve looked into a mirror and tweaked, patted, brushed, smoothed and highlighted our faces.  All aiming for symmetry on both sides, to hide blemishes and enhance our ‘natural’ features.  Perhaps to achieve a natural look.  Create smokey eyes.  Or to gloss luscious lips with a favourite nude or a naughty red.

How many days/nights do we ‘dress’ our faces?  How many days/nights do we think that we’ve created a masterpiece?  Probably, I suspect, slightly less often than we’ve wondered how we could improve upon what we’re doing.

However, I’ve now reached 46 years of age without any lessons.  Without truly knowing if the colours I use are right for my skintone.  Without knowing the art of smokey eyes or the perfect brow.  Could I improve what I’m doing?

Issy had on her List for Life that she would like to have a lesson with Ariane Poole.  Kelly spotted it after our trip to Verona and said she had intended to take her Mum to Ariane  but hadn’t managed to book a date.  Surely a no-brainer then that we should all go together for a group lesson?  So the date was checked with all to make sure we were free and able to do it.  Sadly however Issy wasn’t well enough this morning to join us.

Ariane Poole Anna 261013


My before, during and after photos!

Ariane Poole Aftershots 2013And all of us after our lesson.


What a wonderful experience.  Ariane shared tips and tricks.  I finally now understand why I should be wearing primer!  She showed me how to create shape with my eyebrows.  We played with different tones and colours and found that I’m more suited to pinks than reds!  I learnt how to adapt a daytime look to an evening look.  I know.. so girly!

Seriously I can’t recommend it enough.  I certainly have become set in my ways and now know (and could see the proof) of how I can simply improve my technique, get a better, brighter finish and enhance my, errr, better features.  I’d also happily recommend you to Ariane for a lesson.  She made time with each of us to ensure that we had personal attention.  She also took the time to look through our existing makeup regimen and products and then to advise what to keep and what could be improved.  The products that she used were from her own range but also from Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac etc.  How often have we been at the cosmetics counter and the sales assistant is only interested in selling you their products rather than the best for your skintype?


Following our makeup lesson we headed to Charlotte Street Hotel for a spot of afternoon tea.  Well you wouldn’t have expected us just to go home when we’re looking so damn foxy, would you?

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