Rugby on my Birthday

I’d been really looking forward to today. Seeing Barbarians -v- Fiji play rugby at Twickenham with my brother, nephew and friends. I was also able to invite a friend’s son from the US who has been doing a short internship in London. On his ‘reccying’ visit in the summer he confessed to not understanding rugby or cricket at all, so we’d best educate the chap!

I love the Barbarian matches and love that they always play on my birthday. Wrapped up warm (many layers) we met at Twickenham. My nephew and his friend were almost as excited as I.


Perfect seats for us. Back row so the boys could stand up and cheer loudly! Right behind the goal and at the top of the steps – perfect all round.

IMG_4214A fabulous game… better 2nd half than the 1st for those of us cheering on the Barbars.

The match is hosted by the Barbarians to celebrate Fiji’s centenary year of rugby. Fortunately the result of 43 points to 19 isn’t as shocking as the results back in 1970 when the Fijians demolished the Barbarians 29 points to 9! Although today’s score doesn’t show how close the game was fought.

IMG_0142Fabulous birthday treat… AND to be hanging out with my brother and nephew for the day is the hugest treat of all.

Sky’s match report

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