Has it been found?

When I returned to Australia in 1998 I entrusted a box of photos and paperwork to my brother to look after.  After all I was only going out there for a year so it contained things that I’d need when I first returned.

I never dreamt that I’d be out there for many years and that my brother and his family would move more than once in that time.  On their last move I asked my brother about the box and was told that he’d not come across it in the move. I have to confess to being more than a little sad about it but my own fault – I’m an adult and should be responsible for my own things.

Obviously I came back to England and got on with my life.  I didn’t need the box or its content… or did I?

You see there was one thing in there that I have thought of often.  Wondered where it is.  What it said.  etc.  It was a Journal that I kept on my first trip via Asia to Australia in early 1998.  A trip that changed and influenced me far more than any other education or experience in my life.  For so many reasons.

I’ve just received a text from my sister-in-law.  They’re clearing out the loft room for their latest house move and she’s found THE box!  Her text says it contains “A brown covered journal”.

I so can’t wait to be reunited with the Journal… and the other content of the box.  I’ll keep you posted… whoooohoooo 🙂

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