Pilobolus – Shadowland at Sadlers Wells

In May last year I organised tickets to see shows at Sadlers Wells.  One pair of tickets was to see the Pilobolus – Shadowland. Shadowland was the first show of its kind to combine shadow theatre with dance, and has since inspired many similar productions around the world.  Including a production that entered Britains Got Talent…. a show I’ve failed to see!

So when people were telling me in June about this incredible audition on Britains Got Talent where the shadows of dancers tell a story, I was feeling smug.  I’d already got tickets.  When they then went on to win Britains Got Talent I was over the moon.  Here’s the final on YouTube.

I was delighted that Abi, one of my best friend’s daughter, was allowed to come out and play on a school night.  I just love her company and love being able to treat her once in a while.  I picked Abi up after school, a quick change at home and then drove into town.  We managed to find a parking space behind the theatre in Holborn easily and put a few pounds in the meter.  Thank heavens I had a few pounds in the car as I realised I’d left my purse at home!   Not great but thank heavens we were joining some friends for a pre-show dinner.  Fortunately my friend was able to pick up our supper bill and I can pay him back tomorrow.

We went to 32 Great Queen Street for dinner.  What an incredible menu with quite a few adventurous foods.  Not the fastest of service but the food was worth waiting for.

A quick walk over to the Peacock Theatre for the show.   Wow, what a show!

90 minutes of incredible, active, clever, creative, spellbinding dance. Abi and I sat, mouths open, watching the story unfold.  Using screens and careful lighting, the dancers were able to tell a story in front of the screen and then behind screens in shadows.  The precision of the shadow-work was inspiring.  How some of the shapes were created, recreated, changed and moved behind the screen was seamless.

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I can’t recommend the show enough.  As I drove Abi home after the show, we were chatted incessantly about the pieces of the show that we’d loved.  This then triggered ‘oooh what about the bit when….’ moments.  Truly amazing.

Metro’s review
Guardian’s review


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