AscotWhat a totally fabulous day at Ascot with the girls.  I think the montage of photos above tell you all that you should know about our day but just in case…

  • A few (ahem) glasses of bubbles.
  • A few pitchers of Pimms.
  • Very patriotic flag waving.
  • A lot of people watching.
  • Men in suits!
  • Watching horses run by and cheering on (in my case) the colourful jockeys and the horses with ‘entertaining’ names… that are nearer the back of the field than the front.
  • A touch of gambling (Debs clearly won in notes form when I just accrued a pocket full of change – see bottom left of montage!).

Mostly though we had a blast.  We laughed a LOT.  Great company.

We looked, as described on Verity’s Diet Coke bottle, Gorgeous…. it just needs an ‘Utterly’ prefixed!


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