Wolf Hall – Bring up the bodies

OK so I’ll confess to not particularly liking period drama.  I’m probably one of the only people on the planet who’s not seen any Downton Abbey episodes.  I don’t enjoy Shakespeare nor particularly understand why everyone bangs on about his work!  So I’m a philistine and I don’t care!  There, I’ve said it.

one aldwych_940x430

So I felt a little duped into being at the Aldwych Theatre tonight for a performance of Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel.  A drama based on the life of Thomas Cromwell during the time of Henry VIII.  Oh joy I thought to myself when I realised what we were seeing!

BUT oh how I was mistaken.  The dialogue barely had a whereforarthospeakeewordee in it!  Instead it was current.  It was funny.  It was enthralling.  It was dark.  It was humorous.  It told a story.  I laughed out loud.  It would be a fabulous way of learning history.  It was rude.  It was brilliant.  I loved it!

Go see it!

Time Out

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