Affordable Art Fair Battersea

I remain someone who loves to attend the AAF in Battersea. Once again I managed to get ‘free-Friday’ tickets and this year took my Godmother with me. Our taste in art is quite different. Mine brighter and more tactile – a usual need for colour and touch! Hers more classical and some would say, refined. But that’s the beautiful thing about the Affordable Art Fairs around the World. There is something for everyone and as pieces get bought up and replaced with others, each row of small galleries changes with every walk by.

Here’s a few pics of some pieces that I loved from today:

AAF Battersea 20157

Acrylic resin, marble and glass.

AAF Battersea 20156

Several pieces of interest and ones that I’d love to copy.

Top left to right

  • Already some of you know about my wish to create a reindeer head and cover with my Kaffe Fassett fabric pieces that I’ve collected.
  • Geometric pieces in a box frame – again you know I’m almost there with collecting pieces for this and some of you may well have seen the piece I made for MC & Chris as a wedding present using the London A-Z and Melbourne Melway maps.
  • Interesting textures and it should still have been wet paint!  Gloss with drips on aluminium sheet.
  • I loved the far-right picture with old postcards and small ceramic shoes and personal items.

Bottom left to right

  • Bottom left carved stone, I’d love to make in glass.
  • The mini-picture frames within a picture frame was a gorgeous way of collecting old pictures together for display.
  • Adored how the people and trees were affixed at an angle to the background picture giving the illusion of movement as the light changed and the shadow became longer/shorter.
  • Enjoyed the colour and simple design.  Would look fab in my garden!

AAF Battersea 20155

Although the top two images are from a ceramic bowl, I enjoyed the engraved lines of dots on the bowl.  Certainly something that I could replicate on the inside of a glass bowl.

Bullseye stringer glass and on the right fused squares – certainly both I’ve already created and this has inspired me to spend a little longer on coldworking and finishing the pieces.

AAF Battersea 20154

I loved the washed pieces of glass collected on beaches.  The roughness of the pieces and then uniformly placed to form a 3D picture.

Bottom right were some amazing pieces made in ceramic but also I’d like to replicate in glass.

AAF Battersea 20153

Some great glass ideas.  The first piece is a very similar shape to the one I’ve already molded in wax and awaits me tomorrow to take to the next process.  Certainly food for thought although I think I know what I’m going to do.

The piece in the middle has given me an idea on finishing my ‘dropped’ glass that was this week fired for the second time.

The bowls on the top right were blown glass but then sandblasted techniques to create the pattern/engraving.  Something we’ll be covering in our glass course, I hope.

I also loved the tower blocks of glass.  So simple yet beautifully effective sculptures.

AAF Battersea 20152

Oddly I dreamt about a piece just like these two last night.  Certainly given me another method of creating my ‘dream’ piece.

AAF Battersea 20151

Button obsession again.  This artist used clock and watch parts as well as butterflies.  I’d love to use buttons.  Interesting way to suspend and layer the parts to create a picture behind.

AAF Battersea 2015

Oh and there did appear to be a LOT of bulldogs at the AAF Battersea.  Many in ceramic, some in stone, bronze and, of course, paintings too.  I took these pics for my lovely friend Trish – aren’t they top dogs?

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