Idle hands…

I discovered I love to crochet in front of the TV.  Actually I also discovered I like to decoupage and bead and well just about anything crafty!  But right now it’s crocheting after first picking up a needle and making the little blanket for Andi.

So I’ve been hunting for a project to continue my rediscovered crochet crafting.  I found Woolly Hugs and also their Facebook page.  There are lots of fabulous projects to knit and crochet items for Nepal, World Child Cancer, Yorkhill Hospital Glasgow, Great North Children’s Hospital Newcastle and the one I chose, Angel Hugs for the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

My task was to crochet a small blanket in pure white cotton to be sent to the parents of some of the sickest babies in the country at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.  Devastatingly not all survive.  The Angel Hug blankets are crochet/knitted with love and a hug for the baby and their family at a really difficult time.

This is the beginnings….

AngelHugBeginningsThen after rushing back to the shop (StitchUp) for more Cotton, I joined the squares together and added a surrounding edge to the blanket.

AngelHugNo1It’s not perfect….. but it is made with love.

Why don’t you knit or crochet one too?  Great ideas and causes on the Woolly Hugs website.

I’m happy to keep crocheting for this project or another but would love some help financing the cost of the wool.  If you fancy supporting me, I’ve chosen some wool on my Amazon Wish List, feel free to purchase and send them to me (white for Angel Hugs and coloured for other projects).  Thank you.

Ooh and if this post does spur you on to knit or crochet something, let me know.  I’d love to see what you’ve made.

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