Prom 51: Boston Symphony Orchestra and Andris Nelsons

My fourth and final Proms of this season.  My what a treat.


Firstly, it was obvious from the moment the Boston Symphony Orchestra took to the stage at the Albert Hall that they were truly excited to be performing at the Proms.  Throughout the performance there were many smiles, glances and looks of sheer enjoyment on the musicians faces that it was clearly a joy to be here and performing such amazing pieces.

Secondly, I can’t express how much energy and excitement that the conductor bought to the performance.  His sheer exuberance was infectious and he appeared to have every instrument and musician captured in his hands.  I truly loved him and the performance – if only we could bottle his enthusiasm together with the impeccable sound of the orchestra and play it out in every tube and train station on a Monday morning… I guarantee everyone would be buzzing and smiling for the rest of the week.

Great picture taken by the Art Desk of Andris Nelsons conducting:

Prom 51 (98)Some of his facial expressions and the way he moved around the podium, almost bouncing and Tigger-like, made me think that this would be Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean, if he ever took over the Proms!

Apparently Andris Nelsons, the conductor, had created the program for tonight to showcase the excellence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Ooh and he did that in spades.  A-mazing.

Haydn – Symphony No 90 in C Major
Barber – Essay No 2

Interval (no doubt the conductor and musicians required a short lie-down)

Shostakovich Symphony No 10 in E minor
And a truly incredible piece as an encore ‘Shostakovich’s Galop’.  Wowza!

You have 30 days to listen to the performance on the BBC iPlayer and quite frankly, if you don’t, you will have missed out on something quite incredible.

Part I – here
Part 2 – here

Two reviews of the concert and also of the conductor:
The Arts Desk review
Telegraph review

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